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English for those who love history

We learn better when we are learning through something we love.

If your passion is history, I can help you combine that with learning English.

Develop your English skills

Think that you are just learning history? With these courses not only will you learn about a topic you love, but each course is designed to help you improve your listening, reading and writing skills.

Develop your life skills

If you live or are coming to live in the UK, learn more than just the language. We can help you with words, culture and the oddities of British life and history.

Develop your history knowledge

Each course is designed to open up a new area of history that you might not know about. Learn about the Celts, Pharaohs, Samurai, the Tudors and the American Wild West. 

Develop your history skills

If you want to take your history to the next level, I can help you improve your exam techniques. Learn how to look at original documents, how to ask questions of sources and how to plan and write an essay.


What do the courses include?

Presentation of the English

Listening lessons include a video that you can pause and replay
Reading lessons include a written text or primary source that we can read and question
Writing lessons include an introduction to the topic and examples of how to write

An E-book

The e-book includes everything we cover in the lesson, including a written transcript of any videos, questions, tasks, tips and additional exercises.

It also includes further reading suggestions if you want to know more.

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Our students love us

I don't know why but I can remember better with you than when I read the history by myself
Hazel, China
You are so funny wonderful teacher
haruka, Japan
I always feel nervous when I speak English, but I could feel relaxed and enjoy talking English today
Kiyoko, Japan
Thank you very much for your help! It's really valuable for me. I learnt a lot from the writing course.
Grace, China
Hello. My name is Samantha and I am a freelance writer and course creator who loves history. Why choose one of my courses? Well...

Do you want to learn English? I am TEFL Level 5 qualified to teach English. I write courses that will help you practice and absorb the language in a way and at a time that suits you.

Do you love history? I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and a Master of Arts in Medieval Studies. I have studied it for fun and for a qualification.

Do you love learning something new? No matter what era or what country, I love learning about history and I love to share that knowledge. Let's learn together.

What else do I do? I help businesses with their written content, including websites, brochures and training materials.
I help clients develop their CVs, resumes and application letters.
I also write articles for online magazines and for my blogs.
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